Introduction To Under Cabinet TV

Introduction To Under Cabinet TV

Introduction To Under Cabinet TV

Kitchen Preview


Under Cabinet TV is a space saving option for any home kitchen. Usually, An under cabinet TV is a television designed to fit in small space in kitchen. Most of them can be hang underneath a kitchen cabinet. Unlike a regular TV that might sit on a counter top, the under cabinet kitchen TV floats above the work area, seemingly floating in mid air. This unconventional approach offers a level of convenience and space saving features that has proven increasingly popular in recent years, especially with small modern kitchens. In addition to TV viewing, many models now come with other useful features, such as AM/FM radio, clock timer and DVD player.

Typical features

Kitchen Television

TV with integrated HDMI.

DVD player

DVD player with remote control.

FM/AM radio

FM/AM radio.


Bluetooth allows you to connect to your iPhone.

USB port power charger

Recharge your tablet or phone.

NTSC/ATSC tuners

Integrated tuners - watch from the air shows.

Remote Controller

Features fully functional remote control device.

Alternative Solution

TV Mount

Instead of buying Under Cabinet TV directly, customers can buy a flat TV and under cabinet TV mount separately in order to get the customized solution for their kitchens. The advantages are:

Powerful Performance

Large TV

Large TV.

Powerful Performance

Cheaper total cost

Cheaper total cost.

Powerful Performance

Flexible mounting position

Flexible mounting position.

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